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General Product Questions

How can I tell if my Neunaber pedal has true bypass or buffered bypass?

Will you customize my pedal?

Can you build a 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1) pedal?

Will you have a __________ pedal in the future?

Why don't your pedals take a battery?

Will your pedals work well with my instrument?

Why are your pedals so light-weight compared to some others?

Is your pedal an emulation of ...

Product Comparisons

What is the difference between v1 Stereo, v2 Stereo, and Expanse pedals?

Pedal Basics

What is the best way to order my effects?

Should I place pedals before the input to the amp or in the effects loop?

Will my rig hum if using a stereo pedal with two amps?

What's better: buffered or true bypass?

Can I have trails with true bypass?

Technical Pedal Questions

Do your pedals digitize the dry signal?

Do your pedals change the phase of the input signal?

What is the sample rate / bit depth / processor speed?

How are your products assembled?

Is there an advantage to a 12V adapter rather than 9V?

Can the two channels of a stereo pedal be used as discrete mono?

How has the Wet Mono Reverb changed between versions?

Reverb Basics

Why do I hear a short delay before the reverb?

Why does reverb sound louder with overdrive than with a clean signal?

Immerse Reverberator

There's no dry signal coming through my Immerse.

Expanse Series

The right-hand knob stopped working.