Fair Warning: We Update Our Products. October 25 2014

We are continually designing new products and updating previous products.

Why not just "take the time to get it right the first time"? I have heard variations of this statement countless times over the years, and I have seen many companies attempt it (at their own peril). If you don't already know why this is impossible, I direct you here. Nothing is ever perfect; so we learn and iterate. In business, we adapt to the needs of our customers or will eventually be crushed by our competitors.

We updated the Wet Mono Reverb 4 times in 5 years. So, it should have come as no surprise when we updated the Stereo Pedal line. And chances are, it will happen again at some point. Until a new product release is imminent, we cannot reveal any information about this product.

Why not, you may ask? Well, if we tell you—say, that we're coming out with a new version of the Wet Reverb in 6 months—then, to be fair, we must tell everyone. Then everyone waits, and either we can't sell our existing inventory—significantly delaying the new product release—or worse, we stop making enough money to stay in business. We do our best to time product releases to affect as few customers as possible, but some people will be affected. We do feel bad about this, but it is necessary to keep some information confidential in order to operate a successful business.

If you liked the pedal enough to buy and keep it before, then a newer product should not change this. Although some people will feel disparaged or even blindsided when a newer version becomes available, it is never our intention to make any customer feel undervalued. However, technology advances, and our products must advance as well.

So, when you want to ask us if we are coming out with something new, we can't say what or when. The only thing we can say is that we are always working on something.