Another Perpetuated Myth: Analog Delay/Echo October 29 2015

Maybe you've seen my other blog post about so-called "analog" chorus.

For all the same reasons, many delay/echo pedals being marketed as "analog" are not. Unless there's a miniature magnetic tape in there (there isn't), then it's not analog. These pedals are more accurately described as "analog emulations," and there's nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way the use of bucket-brigade devices to emulate a tape echo started being passed off as this mythical "analog" echo. Despite the continued promulgations of those who know just enough to be dangerous, bucket-brigade devices are not analog: they are discrete-time solid-state devices that have more in common with digital delays than any analog device.

Again, those of you who keep insisting that BBDs are analog, please read my other blog post about this before you comment.

So, what's wrong with using a discrete-time solid-state device? Absolutely nothing, except that it has been done conjointly with the concerted effort to malign digital technology. Once again, people fear that which they don't understand.

The fact is that an analog emulation can be achieved much more convincingly using digital technology. So, I encourage you to ignore the marketing hype and misinformation. Trust you ears instead.