History of the Wet Reverb - Pt. 1

History of the Wet Reverb - Pt. 1 - Neunaber Audio

For 11 years Neunaber Audio has been a leading innovator in studio-quality effects and audio devices for guitarists and other musicians. The first Neunaber Audio device, the legendary Wet Reverb, and the pedals that we have based on our very first algorithm have continued to be our top sellers, finding their way onto pedalboards of legendary players such as John Mayer, Mateus Asato, Misha Mansoor and many others over the years. 

Though the features and algorithm have seen updates and changes over the years, the sound quality and inspiring sonic texture of the Wet has continued to be lauded as one of the best sounding reverbs on the market. 

Wet Reverb v1 (2009)

The first pedal to house the algorithm that created a cult of ambient reverb enthusiasts.

The inaugural Wet Reverb was a simple two knob machine with simple front panel control for mix and depth which controlled both reverb length and tone. The first version of Wet Reverb offered simple, straightforward control over the incredibly rich and complex modulated reverb. 

Wet Reverb v2 (2010)

Our first improvement to the Wet Reverb kept the same 2-knob mix and depth format, but tweaked the lower depth settings of the algorithm to limit splashiness in favor of the more natural room-like character that set the foundation for future versions. 

Wet Reverb v3 (2012) 

The next advancement for the Wet Reverb increased the range of the mix knob from “just a touch” of reverb to 100% wet for the first time. The addition of front panel access to 100% mix reverb made this version a favorite for shoegaze and post-rock guitarists looking to create monolithic beds of ambience and reverb.

This version added an optional trails bypass feature, allowing the reverb trail to continue after the pedal had been bypassed.

Wet Reverb v4 (2014)

The fourth version of the Mono Wet Reverb took the former 2-knob format from versions past and added a tone knob, allowing for full independent control over both the length and brightness of the reverb. This added control gave you even greater flexibility when crafting your reverb sound.

Wet Stereo Reverb

The Wet Stereo Reverb took all the depth and character of the Wet algorithm and gave it an even more 3-dimensional sound by bringing it into the world of stereo. 

The Wet Stereo Reverb also launched our Expanse software, a software companion to the pedal that allowed you to select the algorithm active on the pedal, giving you options to exchange the original Wet algorithm for stereo modulation, shimmer reverb and more.


Hear the legendary reverb that we have continued to refine and perfect for over a decade.

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