History of the Wet Reverb - Pt. 2

Neunaber Audio Immerse Mk II

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Immerse Mk I (2016)

Building on the flexibility and powerful reverb algorithms added in the Stereo Wet pedal, the Immerse gave users access to 8 studio-quality stereo reverb algorithms with the turn of a knob, without needing any external controller. In addition, the Immerse added a 4th control knob in addition to the mix, depth and tone knobs allowing for more precise tweaking of the perfect reverb sound for any setting.


Immerse Mk II (2018)

The Immerse Mk II updated the original Immerse with 2 brand new algorithms, the updated W3T version of the original Wet algorithm and the Sustain algorithm, a near-infinite reverb sound based on the W3T algorithm. The Immerse Mk II increased the sweep of the mix knob to reach 100% wet, making it the perfect reverb for creating ambient drones and swells.


 Wet Reverb plug-in (2020)

Our first entry to the plugin market, the Wet Reverberator plug-in expanded on the W3T version of the Wet Reverb, greatly increasing its flexibility by adding controls for EQ, width, modulation, attack envelope and fidelity. The plug-in version gives the complete control and flexibility to create the ultimate reverb sound ranging from huge, cavernous spaces to precise, small room sounds and beyond. The reverb sound that we've developed for over a decade is now available for every element of your mix.


Wet Reverb v5 (2020)

Coming very soon, the newest version of the Mono Wet Reverb includes some new advancements for our mono line. This new version features top mounted jacks to maximize pedalboard real estate and the ability to select between the original and W3T versions of the Wet algorithm. Now you can select the exact reverb characteristics your tone needs with just the turn of a knob.


Hear the legendary reverb that we have continued to refine and perfect for over a decade.

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