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Drew Schlesinger Program Pack - Wet Reverb - Neunaber Audio
We are very excited to announce the release of our second program pack for the Wet Reverberator Plug-in. Designed by renowned sound designer Drew Schlesinger, the Drew Schlesinger Factory Pack features 50 beautifully crafted programs for the Wet Reverberator Plug-in...
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Neunaber Artist Spotlight: Vaudlow - Neunaber Audio
Vaudlow is the Nashville-based post-rock duo of Matt Bolton and Josh Parra. Their music is marked by delicate, flowing motifs created by layered guitars, synths, sparse grooves and sampled sounds that swell and morph into colossal moments driven by aggressive drums and guitar lines. Vaudlow’s music delivers a singular balance of energy and sweetness in their compositions, balancing precise rhythms and melodies with long delay trails and crashing tides of reverb.
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