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summed-input stereo

There’s been a lot of controversy about effects that use summed stereo inputs vs. independent inputs. Obviously, nobody wants their stereo signal unintentionally collapsed to mono. So, effects with independent stereo inputs are clearly better, right? How has this gone unnoticed for decades and is only now exposed as a cost-cutting measure to cheat unsuspecting consumers?

Except, that’s not what’s happening here — not even close. 

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What Does a Reverb Pedal Do? - Neunaber Audio
Every building, hallway and room has its own acoustic signature. When a sound bounces off the walls and surfaces of a space it creates a myriad of tiny echoes that combine to create natural reverberation, or simply “reverb.”. As musicians,...
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Neunaber Artist Spotlight: Vaudlow - Neunaber Audio
Vaudlow is the Nashville-based post-rock duo of Matt Bolton and Josh Parra. Their music is marked by delicate, flowing motifs created by layered guitars, synths, sparse grooves and sampled sounds that swell and morph into colossal moments driven by aggressive drums and guitar lines. Vaudlow’s music delivers a singular balance of energy and sweetness in their compositions, balancing precise rhythms and melodies with long delay trails and crashing tides of reverb.
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