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Mateus (Nogueira) Asato was born in December 29th of 1993, originally from Campo Grande, a very cozy medium-size town located in Brazil. His passion for music started when he was 9, after being influenced by one of his cousins who had learned how to play the guitar. In September of 2010, Mateus at the age of 16 won for his first & only time a guitar contest. The national contest was called "Double Vision", and it had around 500 other guitar players participating.

Asato defines this contest as a very inspiring experience and a crucial factor to his professional's choice years later. In March of 2013, Mateus Asato made his toughest decision of life so far. He moved to Los Angeles with the purpose of studying music to achieve greater things in music. After two years living in California, Asato graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood with an award of "2014 Outstanding Guitar Player of Musicians Institute" and it's finally ready to share what he's been looking for in America.


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