Recommended Power Adapters

We do not provide power adapters with our pedals, because many customers already have a multiple-output power supply that can power our pedals. Please visit our Accessories Page to purchase a power supply separately.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Neunaber Micro Power Adapter
  • Visual Sound 1 Spot
  • Voodoo Labs PP2 or PP2+ (DIP switches set "OFF" or "NORMAL")
  • Ciosks (regulated 9V or 12V outputs only)
  • Any non-switching "Boss compatible" 9V pedal power supply
  • Any regulated non-switching 9-12V DC power adapter, center-negative, barrel plug: 5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm ID
  • Rechargeable pedalboard power supply such as the Pedaltrail Volto