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Rob Chapman is a guitarist from Brighton, UK. Also known as "The Monkey Lord" or "Chappers", he is internationally renowned for his entertaining and instructional YouTube channel, which as of July 2016 has over 439,000 subscribers and has had over 149 million views.

Since graduating from the ICMP in 1995, Rob has performed in bands worldwide and acted as a session player for Universal Music on productions spanning from the blues rock of Jimi Hendrix, to the neo-classical metal of Yngwie Malmsteen. Rob's studio experience has seen him work with iconic producers such as Eddie Kramer, Todd Burke and Nick Tauber in prestigious studios across the world.

In 2007 Rob became dedicated to building his YouTube channel full-time. He has carved a niche in viral marketing through video tuition and product demonstration. His engaging personality shines through on camera, which has seen him act as a freelancer to steer marketing campaigns and video productions.