Immerse Reverberator

  • Immerse Reverberator - Neunaber Audio
  • Immerse Reverberator - Neunaber Audio
  • Immerse Reverberator - Neunaber Audio
  • Immerse Reverberator - Neunaber Audio

This is the original version (not the Mk II).

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The Immerse Reverberator houses eight stellar stereo reverbs — Wet, hall, plate & spring reverbs, two shimmers, Wet+echo, and Wet+detune. Each effect has been painstakingly crafted: there are no fillers here.

Delivering unrivaled sound quality and no-nonsense flexibility in a compact footprint, the Immerse can be used with instruments of all stripes.

  • Five controls: Effect Select, Effect Level, Reverb Depth, Tone (or Echo Time), Effect Adjust (depends on effect)
  • High-quality buffered bypass with external Trails switch
  • External Kill Dry switch for parallel effect loops
  • Inputs/outputs can be used mono or stereo
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
  • Small footprint
  • Requires standard 9V or 12V pedal power supply (not included, but you may add one.)
  • Designed and manufactured in California USA

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How does the Immerse Reverberator compare to Neunaber's Expanse Pedals?

The Immerse was designed to offer our favorite reverb effects from Expanse software in a simple, stand-alone pedal. The Immerse is not programmable, does not work with the ExP Controller or have expression inputs, and does not have second-switch functions like our Expanse Pedals. With Immerse, what you see is what you get.

Is this the same Wet Reverb as the Wet Stereo Reverb Pedal?

This is version 2 of the Wet algorithm, which we call "Wet Reboot" in Expanse Software.

How does the Effect Adjust knob work?

It's function changes depending on the effect selected:

  • Wet & Hall: modulation
  • Plate: pre-delay
  • Spring: low-cut
  • Shimmer A & B: shimmer level
  • +Echo & +Detune: reverb level

What does the dotted line coming off the +Detune marker mean?

This is a subtle reminder that this particular effect works best with the Effect Level knob turned to the upper quarter of its range.

What's the difference between Shimmer A & B?

Both are based on our Seraphim Shimmer. The Tone knob on Shimmer A adjusts the tone of the effect. The Tone knob on Shimmer B adjusts the shimmer's frequency range, creating a "breathier" sound when turned up.

Is the Immerse only available with buffered bypass?

Yes, and for good reason: we recommend that a reverb pedal be placed last in an effects chain and that the last pedal be buffered bypass.

Are these same effects available in Expanse software?


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