Neuron - Gain Intelligence

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  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio
  • Neuron - Gain Intelligence - Neunaber Audio

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The Perfect Solution For Instantly Epic Guitar Tone (even without an amp)

What if I told you that the “feel” of a tube amp has nothing to do with the tubes themselves? It’s true! Amp feel is actually a result of voltage supply sag and speaker thermal compression, which can be accurately reproduced without using tubes.

Here’s the problem you face: the bulk of a tube amp or complexity of an amp modeler can be overwhelming when all you want is great guitar tone and feel that is easy to control.

You could spend a lot on a tube preamp, only to realize that it's not versatile enough. You could invest a lot of time learning how to use an amp modeler, only to find that it still doesn’t feel right. Or you could spend a lot of time and effort trying seemingly-endless combinations of pedals and still end up unsatisfied.

You want your guitar’s sound to be awesome and versatile and different. You are unique and you want your tone to reflect that. You don’t want your tone to be a derivative or imitation of something else.

And, of course, you want a solution that is convenient, easily portable, doesn’t need to be turned up to 11 to sound great, whether you run direct or amplified.

Introducing, Neuron Gain Intelligence — a dynamic multistage guitar preamp with compressor, noise gate, speaker simulator, presets and MIDI in a compact pedal format.

  • Dynamic multistage gain architecture yields unparalleled control over the desired amount of distortion — producing harmonic structures that range from subtle to dense and complex. Its hyper-realistic feel allows you to experience the joy of playing bull-bore through an amp without the size, weight, cost and potential hearing damage!
  • Unique design, based on years of research into amps and pedal circuits, is not a model, emulation or simulation of any particular amp. What this gives you is a unique, versatile sound — your secret weapon.
  • Single-knob Compressor easily controls the drive level for smooth, consistent tone. You can quickly dial in just the right amount of sustain.
  • Studio-quality Noise Gate with adjustable threshold keeps your signal dead quiet, which means you won’t have to worry about pickup hum.
  • Global Tilt EQ adapts your tone to various setups, saving you time when you change amps or between an amp and direct — simply turn one knob and you're ready to go!
  • Switchable Speaker Simulator for running direct or to a powered monitor/full-range powered cab, saving you the trouble of an outboard speaker sim.
  • Three-band EQ plus Tightness and Presence gives you total control over your tone. Non-interacting controls allow you to make impactful and precise adjustments quickly. No more going back and forth between EQ controls that never seem to dial in.
  • Up to 24 presets can be recalled via MIDI controller, and up to 6 presets (user-configurable) stored/recalled from the footswitch. It’s like having a multi-channel amp in a pedal. You can replace several pedals with Neuron, saving you money and making your rig a lot easier to carry around.
  • MIDI controllable and compliant with’s new 2.5mm TRS jack standard. Two adapter cables are included to connect to 5-pin DIN MIDI cables. All functions are directly controllable with any standard MIDI controller. This means you can access Neuron’s full capabilities with ease without any special or proprietary equipment.
  • Neuron Commander Software (free of charge, for macOS and Windows) makes setup even easier. Use an inexpensive USB-MIDI adapter (not included) to connect Neuron Commander Software. Of course, you can also perform all setup directly on the pedal itself.
  • True bypass switching ensures that Neuron is completely disconnected from your signal chain when not in use, which means that it won’t change your tone unless you want it to.
  • Small, pedalboard-friendly footprint. Neuron might be the most powerful guitar preamp for its size.
  • Powered from a standard 9V pedal power supply, Neuron draws less than 100 mA. Just plug it in to your existing pedalboard’s power supply. No need to run a separate power adapter or free up a power port for a hungry, high-current device. Just plug and go, it’s that easy. Don’t have a power supply? We sell a nice compact one.
  • Manufactured locally in Orange County, California USA. Feel good by supporting a small USA business.

Neuron Gain Intelligence was 100% designed by Brian Neunaber, who has a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, two patents, and over 25 years of experience with designing audio electronics. Prior to starting Neunaber Audio, he designed a modelling amp for a guitar amp company. By the way, he also plays guitar — not well, he readily admits — but after 35 years has developed a pretty good ear for guitar tone.

Sound too good to be true? Check out these videos. Click the playlist icon (upper right corner) for more:

More sound samples, recorded direct with only Neuron and its internal speaker simulator:

Clean 1
Clean 2
Red Hot Funk
Ziggy's Crunch
Dumb & Dumbler
Brown Eyed Guy
The Djent-leman
Mesa™-Style Rhythm Tone
Marshall™-Style Rhythm Tone

First 7 sound samples courtesy of Sean Pierce Johnson. Last 2 sound samples courtesy of Lee Abraham

Here's a comment we received from D.S. on one of our YouTube videos:

"Just got mine today from Neunaber. One of the best overdrives (and most versatile) I’ve ever used in my life. This thing is unbelievable. And contrary to what some people reviewed, the medium gain tones are MONEY! Yes it does clean, yes it does crazy stupid high gain progy stuff and down tuned stuff, but I think the clarity and punch of the medium gain tones are HEAVILY understated. It SHINES at the mid gain stuff."

Check out the reviews below to hear what other customers say about Neuron.

Want more?

  • Neuron User Guide contains detailed info for setup and technical specs.
  • Neuron Commander Software simplifies setup and preset creation for your Neuron Gain Intelligence pedal. A USB-to-MIDI adapter is required. Instructions and download package are available from the Software Downloads page. Login is required, but it is free to create an account.
  • Neuron Preset Exchange forum, where you can share your presets using Neuron Commander's import/export functions.

P. S.

Neuron isn’t for everyone. Neuron is only for those musicians who want something they haven’t achieved with other gear, whether that be a unique and epic tone, exceptional portability, a great value, etc.

Neuron is not an emulator. If you want to emulate the sound of a particular amp, then you may want to keep looking. 

If, however, you simply want a compact and versatile solution with great sound and feel for running direct, into a clean amp or full-range powered speaker, then Neuron Gain Intelligence is what you have been looking for.

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