ILLUMINE Reverb - Neunaber Audio
ILLUMINE Reverb - Neunaber Audio
ILLUMINE Reverb - Neunaber Audio
ILLUMINE Reverb - Neunaber Audio
ILLUMINE Reverb - Neunaber Audio


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The Ultimate Reverb Machine

ILLUMINE packs 17 studio-quality reverbs, 50 presets, MIDI and powerful expression control in a low-power, pedalboard-friendly package with top jacks. Regardless of your instrument or style of music, ILLUMINE has the flexibility and tone you desire. Your creativity is the only limit.

Reverb Is Better In Stereo

Connect stereo outputs for a huge, immersive sounding reverb. Want to change it up and plug into a single amp? ILLUMINE will sum a stereo input to mono with only output 1 connected. Connect phones to output 2 for a quick practice setup.

Low Power Consumption

Use a standard 9 V or 12 V pedal power supply. Or, connect ILLUMINE to a 100 mA output on a brick supply.

17 Stereo Reverb Effects

From the classics to experimentals, all your reverb needs in one box.

Analog Dry Signal

Your dry signal remains analog for low noise and zero latency.


50 outstanding factory presets. 50 user presets.

Expression Control Engine

Powerful, flexible expression control. Connect your favorite expression pedal or use the built-in A/B switch with adjustable transitions.

ILLUMINE Preset Manager

Download the free ILLUMINE Preset Manager software to import/export presets, and backup/restore settings.

MIDI Input & Thru/Out

Two 2.5 mm TRS to 5-pin DIN adapters included to connect your MIDI controller. Or, use Controller Mode as a simple controller for your setup.

Audio Samples

Adam Prendergast on bass, layered effects from ILLUMINE.


Wet Plugin

Wet v3

Wet v1



Vintage Digital









Infinite Hold


Gated Plate

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