About Us

Neunaber Audio Effects designs audio products for the discerning musician, emphasizing high-fidelity sound and balancing simplicity with functionality.

We operate under the following guiding principles:

  • The best solutions are simple and elegant.
  • While music is art, audio is a science that is understood. It is not black magic.
  • Digital processing is only a tool, like vacuum tubes or solid-state analog. It is how one uses the tool that makes the result sound good or bad.


How are we different?

We are not a mass-producer, nor do we see ourselves as boutique. We strive to practice the best from each approach:

  • We prefer to remain small and agile.
  • We design for maximum value—using the best parts and practices, but only when it results in a noticeable improvement in sound, appearance, or longevity.
  • We use modern design and assembly techniques. Modern machine and automated assembly techniques—when properly implemented—are far more reliable than hand-built.
  • Whenever practical to do so, we use local suppliers.
  • We believe that making great products is the best marketing strategy, and we rely on happy customers to spread the word.
  • We continually look for new ways to improve. Life is change.


We care about the environment

  • Our products are lead-free and RoHS compliant: no lead is used in the components that make up the products, and no lead is used in the assembly process itself.
  • As much as possible, we recycle waste materials.


Who is Neunaber Audio Effects?

Neunaber Audio Effects is a brand name of Neunaber Technology LLC—a small family-run company started by Brian Neunaber in 2009. We are located near the Historic District in Orange, California.

Brian has been designing audio products professionally since 1994. He was previously the DSP Architect at QSC, where he helped to develop and implement several key processing technologies found in QSC's K Series powered loudspeakers and other products. Prior to this, Brian designed effects processors and a digital modelling guitar amplifier for St. Louis Music, who marketed products under the Crate and Ampeg brands. Brian has two patents and a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering.


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