Wet Reverberator Plug-In

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  • Wet Reverberator Plug-In - Neunaber Audio
  • Wet Reverberator Plug-In - Neunaber Audio

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The Wet™ Reverb is a patented algorithm that has been refined over the span of 10 years. The Wet Reverb has the unique ability to add spaciousness while maintaining unparalleled clarity — enhancing your mix without covering it up.

The Wet Reverberator Plug-In was personally designed and coded by the algorithm's creator to ensure fidelity and consistency with the algorithm's core sound. This version of the effect is based on the algorithm in the Immerse™ Reverberator Mk II pedal, with expanded features that offer maximum versatility for mix engineers and producers.

  • Visually-stunning and informative cascading frequency plot
  • Size & shape controls for Mix, Pre-Delay, Attack and Decay
  • Simple and powerful EQ controls for Tilt, HPF and LPF
  • Damping controls for frequency-dependent decay
  • Modulation controls for Pitch, Rate and LFO Configuration
  • Fidelity contols for Bit Depth and Stereo Width
  • Platform-independent program storage
  • Stereo In > Stereo Out and Mono In > Stereo Out channel configurations
  • Try it for free for 15 days
Sample Dry Wet
Dark Piano
Electric Piano
Prophet 6 Pad
Prophet 6 Arp 1
Prophet 6 Arp 2 (Tilt Sweep)
Prophet 6 Lead
Cinematic Pad
Guitar Bus 1
Guitar Bus 2

User Guide


  • Single-user license: you may install on up to three computers that you personally own and use exclusively.
  • The perpetual license key unlocks the trial software, so there is no need to re-download.
  • If you purchase a license key, it will be emailed separately from the download link. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive it within a few hours.
  • Internet access is required during first run for license activation. Make sure you are connected to the internet and that access is not being blocked by antivirus software. 


  • MacOS 10.11+ / Windows 10 64-bit
  • Audio Units (AU), VST/VST3, AAX

We are a small company and new to the plugin market. Although we have made every effort to ensure that our plugin is compatible with newest versions of the most common DAWs, it is not practical for us to test the plugin in every version of every DAW — especially older versions. This is why we make the plugin available to you as a fully-functional trial — so that you may test it in your DAW to ensure compatibility before purchase. If you have an issue with your DAW, please email us.

Known Issues

The following are known incompatibilities and the DAW affected:

  • Studio One — automations do not affect plugin
  • WaveLab Pro — currently incompatible

Try it for free for 15 days. The trial and paid versions are the same download; purchasing a license key removes the time limit.

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